Thursday, March 15, 2012

Publicity for Type 1

I have mixed feelings about all the publicity given to young, handsome (or pretty), athletic T1's who are climbing mountains, winning road or running races playing basketball and football, or weight lifting, and being not only normal-looking, but super-healthy looking. I'm glad that T1 young people are doing this, but why is no one looking at all the effort it takes to get there? And why is no one looking at the people with complications who are STILL striving to make a good life for themselves? In some ways, this positive publicity may be motivating for youngsters with T1, but in another way, it's hiding the truth from them -- T1 is HARD, time-consuming and so far, life-long. Personally, I'm more interested in ads and info that motivate teens to take care of themselves, not into making them think that they can apparently effortlessly climb mountains, too!


  1. I agree that much more should be done for everyone (not just T1 teens) to motivate, but also to educate them in how they can best control their diabetes. It's not a one-size-fits-all, as you know. The time it takes to educate properly isn't given. The resources aren't there! People are left to find out for themselves… if they're motivated… if they know where to look… if they even understand that there can be more to learn.

  2. I guess I kind of have mixed feelings also. I am someone that does have complications from diabetes, but I also try to encourage people to see that they have better tools available than when we were diagnosed. I think people should be motivated to take care of themselves, but they should also know that they can do the things that they want to do.