Saturday, June 23, 2012

Working as a community

I just saw another thread somewhere in which the parent of a T1 was railing about how bad an article about T2 was. Well, it was true that the article really didn't apply to T1, but that wasn't the point. Most of the articles in the press are going to apply to T2 (but sometimes both), because it really is a common and serious disease.

think it's important for all people to have a realistic view of all types of diabetes and genuine compassion for them. SO many T1's are so narrowly focused and invested in their own disease that they remain totally ignorant, and sometimes actively hostile and biased toward T2. It's not RIGHT -- NO ONE with any disease deserves blame and shame, and while it would be nice if the media specified T2 when discussing things that are appropriate to them, a mature attitude for T1's and their parents would be to sit back and remember it doesn't apply to them, and that it DOES apply to the vast majority of diabetics. And appropriate action would be to respond to the media, reminding them that clearly indicating whether they are talking about T1, T2 or both would be welcome and educational. But the comments about how stupid an article that is obviously about T2 is, or getting furious because the diabetes isn't a T1's fault, and remaining ignorant of the very real problems faced by T2s and blaming them for something that is not their fault either is really not helpful to anyone, and only creates bad feelings in a community that should be supporting each other. We need to be open minded and empathetic toward the problems faced by all of us, even if we need to deal with them differently. We need to educate the media and the public, and while that is not easy, we need to persevere. And not take anything personally, but rather use it as an opportunity to educate.

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