Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen

On Tue, 17 Jan 2012 20:15:16 -0000, someone wrote:

I've never been a fan of Paula Deen, but her comments/actions will insure that I will avoid her in the future.

Well, that article and the quotes that were attributed to her show a LOT of ignorance about T2 and probably a lot of denial, too.

The first thing that got my hackles up was the statement that a fatty diet and obesity CAUSE T2. We KNOW that these factors exacerbate the already-present susceptibility to T2, but saying that they CAUSE it loads unfair and unproductive guilt on all the prediabetic and full-blown T2s who work so hard to take care of themselves, and are fighting societal customs and an  environment that block them all the way.

Second, her flat-out refusal to consider the role of food in T2 control bespeaks denial, big time. That doesn't surprise me, because in this social and media environment, to admit that you have T2 is like admitting you are a psychopath. A perfect way to bring blame and shame down on your head, and for people to shun you and think you need to be "fixed".
So, yeah, she was born with the susceptibility to T2, and she did become obese, and she does love her fats and sweets, but all that tells me is that she needs all the support and encouragement we can give her to pull her out of denial, and help her understand the realities of T2 and that food IS a major issue. What she DOESN'T need is scorn and shunning.

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