Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't be a doormat

 It is unfortunate to have T1 diabetes -- I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE, but there it is. So, since our bodies aren't making insulin, then the insulin we take is what will help us be healthy and happy, just what we pretty much all wish for. While it will never stop being a nuisance (for me, the biggest obstacle is always having to be aware of the carb counts for what I eat), it's really only a small part of life, if you think about it. Many people have lived long, healthy, successful lives with T1 and you can, too. For me, it's just accepting that I have it, and it won't go away, no matter how much I wish it would, and my BG numbers will never be perfect, so, OK, fine. The second part is that my family told me I was fat as a child, which I wasn't (it's just that my sister was skin-and-bones thin), and my mantra, every day, and every time I think of it, is I'm NOT fat, and I DIDN'T cause my diabetes. I'm guessing that pretty much everyone, not just diabetics, needs to remember that humans come in a variety of body shapes, and if stupid people make ignorant remarks, it's your right to REJECT those remarks, and remind yourself of the truth. I sometimes wish that young people, especially teenagers, had the knowledge and self-confidence to simply say, "LIAR" when someone tells them how they should manage their diabetes, or how much insulin they should be taking, or what they should or should not be eating. Because we have to FIGHT against the people who are trying so hard to undermine us while thinking they are being helpful. Educate the ones who can be educated, and abandon those who can't. Or set a boundary, like "I won't talk with you about that." Because in the end, you can be healthy, and you can take control of your own life and emotions, if you don't let other people treat you like a doormat.

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  1. Very true Natalie! I have learned to ignore the people that can't be educated - not worth the aggrevation!