Friday, February 17, 2012

New thoughts on A1c

I went to my APN on Tuesday, and my A1c was 6.3, up from 5.8 the previous time, and I personally know it was because I was depressed and bingeing part of the time, and I HATE to get praised for a great A1c when I KNOW it isn't. The medical profession has not yet figured out that some people are low glycators, even though there was a study on it many years ago, and for ME, a good A1c is under 6.0. The APN told me my A1c was wonderful, and poo-pooed my explanations to her as to why it wasn't. See this post; fopostID=5398758637352847997 for more of my thoughts. The APN's reaction just reinforces my knowledge that the only one who can care for my diabetes properly is ME, because no one else knows anything or cares. I'm always amazed when people say their endo told them their A1c was too high, or they were having too many peaks or lows, or whatever, because no one ever tells me ANYTHING! All they say is that I'm doing great. My former endo told me I was doing great right until I went into a coma. As my grandmother would have said, Pfeh!!!

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  1. You are right Natalie, the only one that can care for your diabetes properly is you. I learned the hard way to quit even asking for help. I was praised for a low A1c and they didn't bother to hear how much I was passing out.