Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting wisdom teeth out -- when I'm 64!

Yeah, I know people are supposed to do this when they're around 20, but hey -- I didn't know any better!! LOL!! Actually, my wisdom teeth came in perfectly, and did their job for about 44 years, but I was starting to develop some gum disease and bone loss, and I've read in many places that diabetics need to be extra careful to take care of their mouths.

So, out they came. Now, what is the AVERAGE diabetic supposed to do with a procedure like that? Go high, maybe? NOOO! Just as soon as the dentists started giving me the anesthetic shots, I started to tremble -- my CGM showed 63 with a down arrow, and my meter showed 97. Then the dentist told me that there was epinephrine (adrenaline) in the shot, but knowing what was coming, I decided not to take the risk, and popped a couple of glucose tablets. I figured better safe than sorry. And adrenalin SHOULDN'T shove BG down, should it?

The procedure itself was weird -- my whole lower jaw was numb, and although my upper lip felt normal, the back of my upper must have been anesthetized pretty well, too. So I felt some wiggling and pressure, and then POP! out came the tooth. That's what really took me by surprise -- I almost jumped out of the chair. Repeat for 2 more teeth, and then the last one came out smooth as jelly.

Then, while I was waiting for a few minutes to make sure I was OK to go home, I checked my BG -- 149, well, OK. When I got home, checked it again, 76, and I couldn't get it over 100 for the rest of the day or night. Twice I went down into the 60's; that's OK, because that level is easily treatable -- but I'm mystified as to why, in spite of the epinephrine in the shot, and the fact that I WAS eating -- mostly milk tea and Greek yogurt, both of which ALWAYS raise me, my BG didn't act ANYTHING like I expected it to!

Hang on to your hats; Type Weird strikes again! :-)

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  1. Just think Natalie, you got to stay smarter for 44 years longer than the rest of us that lost our wisdom at 20! I know bad, but I couldn't resist! I am glad that it didn't go too bad for you. I was terrified when I had mine pulled out because of all the horror stories I heard. I wasn't diabetic then though, so not as much to worry about.