Thursday, September 29, 2011


FatCatAnna over at Diabetes 1 reported that there is a movement to establish a new way to report A1c's. And I suppose some people are going to get all worked up over it. But I don't care how they report my A1c -- it's invalid for me, anyway. I'm a low glycator, and my A1c has, for 20 years, been consistently lower than my BGs would indicate. When I was diagnosable by today's standards, my A1c was 4.8, and when I was near comatose with BGs averaging about 500, my A1c was 10.7, which corresponds to an estimated average glucose of somewhere in the mid 200's. My docs may think I'm doing just great with an A1c of 6.0, but *I* know it's not exemplary by any real standard. So I'll just keep on ignoring the A1c, no matter how they report it, and keep close tabs on my BGs.

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  1. I agree Natalie. I prefer to know what I am doing from day to day and I don't need an A1c to tell me how things are going.