Friday, April 13, 2012

10 things I couldn't live without

This ones' a kind of double-cross prompt, because as diabetics, we ALL could just list out diabetes supplies, and that would come out to more than ten things! If we were dropped on a desert island with nothing but our diabetes supplies, they would run out and we'd be dead soon thereafter, anyway.

So here are ten OTHER things I couldn't live without:
1. Shelter. I'm lucky, and have a house, but I KNOW that there are millions of people all over the world suffering because of lack of shelter.
2. Food. We in America are among the luckiest in history because we have a wide array of food available to us -- far more than we could grow locally, and we are not subject to local crop failures.
3. Clean water. In most places in the US, clean water is available at the turn of a tap. We don't remember how people died from cholera and other water-borne scourges because they couldn't get clean water.
4. Indoor plumbing. We here in the US live without having to endure the stench and inconvenience of outhouses, nor do we have to do the disagreeable job of emptying and cleaning chamber pots! We also have warm water on demand, so we can enjoy those soothing showers!
5. Refrigeration. Our food lasts longer and is less subject to contamination because we can keep it cool or even freeze it. We can have a glass of iced tea in the summer without even thinking about where that ice came from.
6. Electricity. While we could certainly conserve electricity, we would be very unhappy without our lights during the dark evenings of winter, not to speak of our music, computers, e-readers, microwaves and other electric appliances.
7. Education. What a pleasure to be able to read! By reading, we can communicate with the centuries, and it even makes our daily lives easier, like when we pin a note to our kindergartner's coat! And the vast majority of our jobs depend on the ability to read, write and do arithmetic.
8. The infrastructure. Almost everything we use is transported over roads, or by train, or even by airplane -- we would be in a mess in our large cities if the infrastructure didn't exist. That includes transportation to our jobs and to do our errands.
9. Medicine. For all that we Americans complain about our health care system, it's the system and not medicine itself that is the problem. As diabetics, we really NEED our insulin, but there are others just as dependent on other medications for other illnesses. And then there are the accidents and other sufferings that are not chronic, but still need care.
10. Each other. I saved that for last on purpose. I couldn't live without the people who have helped me, comforted me, loved me, and done things to make my life easier. And that includes my cats! LOL!

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