Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dream Day

Another toughie. Again, for all of us with diabetes, it would have to be a day without it. What would we do differently if we didn't have diabetes?

It would be nice not to even think about it, as if I had never had it. Not to have to plan for what I'm going to eat, not care about food groups, just eat and enjoy the food, whatever it happens to be. Don't care how many carbs, don't care how much insulin, because it just doesn't matter.

Another part of my dream day would be not caring whether the food I eat is going to make me gain weight. Just eat what I like, in the amount I like and absolutely not care.

Exercise if I feel like it, doesn't matter what time, nor what the intensity is, nor for how long. None of that. And don't need to test before or after. And don't need to carry glucose tabs (which I HATE) because there is no danger of going low.

Nothing plugged into my belly. No buttons to press, because the pump is not there. 

Not pricking my fingers AT ALL. Diabetics DON'T love pricks.

Nothing else even matters. I don't care whether it's rainy or sunny or snowy (although I'd prefer not to have hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes), I don't care whether I'm up early, or sleeping in, reading a book or watching a movie, or even washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

But it would be nice to spend the day in the company of good friends, and to laugh and talk and enjoy ourselves, and my mind would be fully free to participate in the fun without that little diabetes demon clinging to the back of my brain muttering "my preciousssss" while trying to grab the part of my brain that really wants to be free!

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  1. Well...SOME diabetics don't like pricks. Myself, I don't mind them at all. It doesn't hurt -- really, it doesn't - and it tells me where I am. Without the pricks I wouldn't have any way of knowing. And if I don't know where my BGs are, how can I keep myself controlled? This after 14 years with diabetes, still testing 10x daily, still no complications. Working hard at it.