Monday, April 9, 2012

OK, I have no idea if I did this right -- it wasn't very intuitive, but I did the best I could. In case it doesn't show up right, the prompt was to create a poster at the Keep Calm site, so I did. Not really very creative, but I'm actually just trying to keep my spirits up today.

I had a good/bad weekend -- enjoyed a lovely Passover seder on Saturday night, then a ladies' luncheon on Sunday, but with the clearly foreseen results that always happen when I actually eat "people" meals -- stubbornly high BGs that won't come down for hours and hours. And then, today, inexplicably feeling down and not ready to deal with the world. Wanna crawl in a hole and pull the cover over me. So you'll understand if I have nothing wise or wonderful to say today.

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