Friday, April 6, 2012

Health Haikus

Today's prompt is health haikus. Well, at least American haikus, which are a totally different art form from the traditional Japanese haiku. I've shared American haikus with Japanese, and they just shake their heads and tell me that just because it's 5-7-5 doesn't mean it's a haiku. Well WE think it does! That amuses me! :-)

Anyway, here goes:

Pump infusion set.
Pop! goes the weasel into
My tender belly.

Blood sugar goes up
Blood sugar goes down, alas!
Not where I want it.

How many carbs does
That delicious looking plate
Of spaghetti have?

Insulin and carbs
Are not best friends and do not
Play well together.

Pup got a seagull
Kerri got a tall giraffe
Oh, what will I get?

(CGM users will understand this one!)

What's it like to eat
Thinking not at all about
Carbs and insulin?

Enough? :-)

1 comment:

  1. Those are pretty good Natalie! I didn't even try to do any.