Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing style

Gonna do yesterday's prompt today, because I really don't have anything to pin up. I ain't a pin-up girl -- never was, and by now, never will be, LOL!!

So I'm going to talk about my writing style. I'm a reactive writer, which is why I'm doing so well with this prompt system. Ask me a question, and I'll write away. And while I do edit and consider my words, I'm a pretty much stream-of-thought, but fairly well-organized writer.

And I do think I have my own unique viewpoint, and things worth saying about health and diabetes. Other things, too, although I don't write about them as often.

But one of the things I'm discovering using this month of prompts is that I have a lot to say about myself, and one goal is to write about my journey of self-discovery after the month is over. That means it will be a little wider than diabetes itself -- I have things to say about mental health and emotional honesty, too. This may well turn off some people, but I think I need to be honest about myself and I don't find journaling helpful. But knowing that someone might actually read what I write is very motivating to me, and getting responses is even MORE motivating.

And I think that the moment that you stop learning about yourself and discovering new things is the moment you start to die, and I'm not ready for that yet.

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