Sunday, April 1, 2012

Diabetes Time Capsule

Diabetes Old and New
Challenged by WEGO's suggestion to write a blog every day this month, I assembled my diabetes time capsule. And got out some of the stuff I haven't used in years, as well as some of the stuff I'm still using. For those who can't make out the picture (I'm a lousy photographer, LOL!) I have, left to right starting at the top:

1) glucose test strips
2) a sharps container
3) charger for CGM
4) a Medtronic CGM sensor
5) an old pump
6) a serter for the CGM sensor
7) bottle of insulin
8) my old Glucometer Elite, which I loved
9) a tubing stopper, from when you couldn't disconnect
10) an old lancet device
11) an old, first disconnectable infusion set, which had a tail that flopped around when you disconnected
12) syringe
13) directions for how to cope with ketoacidosis (what was that?)
14) old lancets
15) another old syringe, still in package
16) Sweetarts, for lows, in the old container that I used to carry them around in my purse
17) infusion set
18) serter for Quick Set
19) insulin pens which took cartridges. I rather liked the metal one.
20) ketone color chart

Stuff I left out (couldn't think of EVERYTHING!):
1) reservoir from pump
2) dressings to hold down infusion set and CGM
3) all the medical waste that went into the garbage when I tested, took a shot, or changed a pump or CGM site
4) all the blood I've shed (!)
5) all the food I've declined because of diabetes
6) all the time I've spent thinking about and doing diabetes tasks instead of doing what I enjoy.

Maybe it's those last three things that are the REAL challenge of diabetes!

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  1. You are right Natalie, it is the last 3 that make it the real challenge!